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Here's what we know at this hour: The Arizona Diamondbacks have agreed to ship Edwin Jackson(notes) to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for pitcher Daniel Hudson(notes) and minor league pitcher David Holmberg.

Here's what we don't know at this hour: Whether Jackson will be landing at O'Hare and taking a cab to U.S. Cellular Field or instead chasing down a connecting flight to Washington once he lands.

As is being speculated in every corner of the Internet, Sox GM Kenny Williams could have ulterior motives and has only acquired Jackson in order to flip him to the Washington Nationals for the services of Adam Dunn(notes).

That imagined chess move has deep roots in logic as it's hard to see why Williams would give up Hudson — a cost-effective hurler considered to be Chicago's most promising pitching prospect — for the enigmatic E-Jax, who is due over $8 million, already headed to the fifth organization of his career and just threw 149 pitches in one of the least impressive no-hitters in history. 

Yes, it's true that the White Sox need another pitcher to fill the void left by Jake Peavy(notes) and Hudson hasn't inspired any confidence in his three tryout starts since Peavy went down. And maybe they're confident that pitching coach Don Cooper can harness the promising power of Jackson's big right arm.  

At the same time, Chicago also needs a big bat to bolster their lineup if they want to contend into October and if you're going to give up a cheap young pitcher, why not surrender him for the guaranteed offense that Dunn would bring to the South Side? 

With the trading deadline just over 24 hours away and his team still needing some other adjustments, there's no way that Williams is going to stand pat. There are still more moves to make.

The only real question is: Will Edwin Jackson acquired to be a pawn in any of them?

Or is he in Chicago to stay?

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