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Riding high on the cathartic nature of a 17-8 blowout of the Angels on Monday night, Boston star Dustin Pedroia(notes) thought it was a good time to issue a message of hope for all of those in Red Sox Nation.

"To the fans of New England," Pedroia began before the tape recorders and open notebooks at Fenway Park.

WEEI's Rob Bradford passes along the rest of the second baseman's motivational words for the citizens of Massachusetts and beyond:

"Everybody can be [expletive] happy when you're [expletive] 30-1, but what is everybody going to do when we're 12-14? Are you going to show up to work the next day and write an [expletive] story? Hell no. You're going to write the best story of your life. We're going to try and play the best [expletive] game of our life tomorrow. That's what you've got to do when you're 12-14. Don't put your head down and mope. Grind it out. You believe. That's what we're built on."

Yeah! I frankly haven't heard such a stirring speech since Dirk Diggler assured the rest of the adult video world that he was going to keep rocking and rolling.  These games the Red Sox play can be better and they can help. They really can, Dustin means it.

Look, the Red Sox are still 12-14 and 6.5 games behind the first-place Rays. But I really like Pedroia's attitude and his willingness to step up and make their intentions so well known. Boston faces a steep climb back to keeping pace with Tampa Bay and New York, but neither team has run into an extended slump yet and it's bound to happen with both.

The Red Sox, meanwhile, have opened the season with theirs and now they must stay consistent while looking for their opportunity to get involved again.  It was up to one of the team leaders to issue that challenge about staying true and working hard and it was Pedroia who answered the call. Very well done. 

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