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Barry Bonds(notes) just cannot win right now.

• Nobody will hire him to play baseball.

• His 20-year-old son is going to trial for spitting in his own mother's face and other misdemeanors.

• The dude can't even get himself some chicken and waffles without being beaten to the punch by the San Francisco Giants' greatest rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Thanks to Roberto Baly over at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy, we have a detailed blog-witness account of what happened when Bonds and the Dodgers winter caravan collided at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, a Hollywood institution and celebrity hotspot.

Barry ain't getting his waffles — that's what happens!

I like this photo, mostly because the sun shines on Roberto (he's the angelic figure at the far left) but there's a dark shadow cast over most of Bonds. Hey, hasn't Barry been associated with shadows somewhere before?

Below, more details from the Roscoe's stop on the caravan. Hurry up and get inside, Barry, or else you'll miss Lady Gaga!

As if the earlier presence of Gaga wasn't enough, and with such Dodgers as Matt Kemp(notes), James McDonald(notes), Ramon Troncoso(notes) and Fernando Valenzuela (above) already there, the fan's feeding frenzy got that much greater outside when word got around that Bonds was stopping by for brunch.

Take it away, Roberto.


Looks like Mr. Bonds wanted to eat some Chicken and Waffles. He didn't know there were so many Dodger fans inside the building. Fans came out and asked for his autograph. Believe it or not, he did sign. He was in a good mood (I'm not kidding) until a fan gave him a ball and told him [to write] "In the sweet spot."

Wow. I guess he's a rookie. I shook my head. Another fan by my side looked at him and whispered "Are you nuts?" I knew what was going to happen next.

Bonds snapped. "You don't say that to me," he said. "I'm leaving, I got to go."

Dodgers fans had chased Barry Bonds out of Roscoe's! And without him eating!

He got cock-a-doodle blocked.

It must have been a real downer for Barry to be denied Roscoe's, a soul food mecca that helped to popularize and mainstream the seemingly incongruous coupling of chicken and waffles. It's destination for such tourists as Ludacris or the fellas in "Swingers." Larry King (hello!) and Snoop Dogg have summit meetings there. The place has a catchy commercial, too.

But none for Barry. And after all of the trouble Bonds took to be a nice guy and sign some autographs.

More from Roberto:

This is the second time I met Bonds. The other was ... around 1995 at Dodger Stadium. Dodger coach Manny Mota was interviewing him for his daily radio show that he does for the Spanish network. We had a friend that knew Mota and ... let us in early. I don't remember much about the encounter but when the interview was over me and my brother asked him for his autograph. He did it. I know he did it because he didn't want to look bad in front of Mota.

But on Wednesday he was alone. He could have blown off everyone and acted like a jerk, the way he used to do with the media. But he didn't. Well, not until that one fan got him angry.

We'll probably never know if Barry got his chicken and waffles on at another Roscoe's location, or if he just walked into a Denny's and ordered the waitress to rustle it up special. Maybe he went to that place with the giant donut on the roof.

If anyone knows, let us know, too.

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