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In terms of substantial news, Terry Collins' first press conference as manager of the New York Mets probably should have earned the primary spot on the back page of the New York Post on Wednesday morning. Collins even gave editors a tailor-made quote for the tabloids.

"I'm not the evil devil a lot of people have made me out to be," he said.

But sorry, Terry. It being the Big Apple, everyone knows that the tabs are going to take a mile if Derek Jeter(notes) or the New York Yankees give an inch.

And the minute general manager Brian Cashman suggested on Tuesday that Jeter shop his services elsewhere if he didn't like the Yanks' three-year, $45 million offer?

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Bam! There was the Post with a Photoshop job of Jeter in a Boston Red Sox uniform — which I'm guessing the paper already had on file in case a situation like this one occurred.

It's a solid 'Shop, though the N.Y. Post isn't the first on the scene. Sunday Night Football did the same thing during a Minnesota Vikings game earlier this season while we put him in a Cincinnati Reds uniform last week when an anonymous source — Cashman? — mused on Jeter's severe lack of options if he really wants to get paid.

Also, let's give credit where credit is due: The New York Daily News turning Cashman into an illustrated chicken the day before Turkey Day is the real winner of the tabloid war for the day. Check it out below:

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