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Dear Minnesota Twins clubhouse manager:

There's no chance of it happening, but I hold a small amount of hope that you'll do the right thing and break out those '82 jerseys for tonight's game against the Mariners, even if it means your job.

They're that awesome.

OK, feel free to charge me with jersey envy (guilty on all counts) but I haven't been this charged up over another team's retro uniforms since the Blue Jays broke out the powder blues last season. I kind of suspected the Twins new/old threads would look great when Justin Morneau debuted the retro look at the Mall of America over the winter and my hopeful suspicions were confirmed once I couldn't take my eyes off of them during Monday night's opener. 

Yeah, they're not quite just like the old version — Kent Hrbek did just fine with his elastic-waisted pants and pulling his shirt over his head! — but they're clearly preferable to the usual Twins shirts. I think you'll agree that the simple presence of that old logo with the two Twins shaking hands over the Mississippi River confirms that.

So whaddya say? This year's plan calls for the Twins to wear these jerseys during every Saturday home game in commemoration of the Metrodome's last year and their regular jerseys during the rest of the slate. But why not reverse it? I'm sure people will take notice, just as I'm sure that no one will mind. Bring back those unis for good. 

Your fellow in finery,


PS — These two fellas below support my cause, too.

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