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I'm still not convinced David Wright is capable of, y'know, actually growing a mustache, but a big BLS head nod is in order for the proud prickler populists over at The Wright Stache.

Following the Keith Hernandez-enhanced theory that more Mets mustaches equal more World Series wins, they're pushing for Queens' biggest heartthrob this side of Vinnie Chase to grow a handlebar of his own. Since we're all looking to move past the death of the Giambi 'stache, I say why not at least try, D-Wright? Maybe you can even get Johan Santana in on the act by having him trim that goat into a fearsome Fu

Really, though, props to TWS for staging a site that's producing some funny time-wasting material — from a TWS theme song to an imagined battle between the '86 Mets and '82 Brewers — for your perusal.

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