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Welcome to 'Duk's Dozen, a streamlined selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items to start your day. It welcomes submissions here or via Twitter.      

1. I've long been wondering what planet Lenny Dykstra has been living on and this morning I finally got my answer: The type of planet where he actually believes people will pay $89 a month for his stock tips after watching half of Los Angeles claim he owes them money and then seeing him try to hock his 1986 World Series ring at a pawn shop last fall.

Anyway, ol' Lenny is back in business over at Nails Investments and he's trying to sell us on Dow Chemical stock. It goes without saying, but invest at your own risk. CNBC via Crashburn Alley

2. Hoo boy! Curt Schilling(notes) and Pete Abraham got into a bit of a blog-scrape over the looming possibility of a Josh Beckett(notes) contract extension in Boston. Hey Cage Writer, any way we can get that matchup added to the next UFC card? If not, we'll just broadcast it here on BLS. Red Sox Monster

3. Some guy thinks the Royals should trade Zack Greinke(notes) and Joakim Soria(notes) — two young affordable stars — so they can get even more young and affordable stars. No. KC Kansan

4. Good news for David Wright(notes)? The center field wall at Citi Field — the one below the Big Apple — is being chopped from 16 feet to eight in 2010. NYDN

5. Here's a cool post: Andrew Bucholtz employs WAR to construct a lineup of free agents that would have outproduced some major league teams last season. Sporting Madness

6. Our favorite punk rock baseball blogger is holding a contest to identify the most food-related tweets from beat writers at spring training this year. Winner gets a $25 iTunes gift card and severe cravings for In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-a. Punk on Deck

7. And then there was one: Check out this Saints commercial from 2005 and tell me if Cubs fans should be optimistic or just depressed over the new solitude of their suckitude. YT

8. Dennis Velasco kicks off his new site with a look at all the aspects of Tim Lincecum's(notes) march toward an arbitration hearing. Is a settlement in the cards this week? Fanway

9. I don't quite understand the mentality of the baseball diehards who refuse to watch the Super Bowl, but considering that I haven't watched a minute of NBA action since starting the Stew, maybe I should get where they're coming from. Diary of a Diehard

10. Former Washington Times writer Mark Zuckerman is following the C. Trent Rosecrans plan and is successfully asking loyal readers to fund his spring training plans. As of publishing time, he had already raised almost $3,300.  Nats Insider

11. This 1992 All-Star Game jacket is "satin" and "looks like Elton John threw up on it." In other words, it's something every Stewie would want to win on eBay. .400 in '94

12. Have you seen my baseball? Alex Rodriguez(notes) and Cameron Diaz were spotted being "fun and flirty" (FWIW) at a Super Bowl party this past weekend. OK! Magazine

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