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Duk's Dozen is a selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items that will start your baseball news day off right. Got links? Send 'em here or via Twitter.     

1. Wait, there's actually positive news to report on the New York Yankees starting rotation this offseason? Believe it or not, there is — thanks to a fitness-minded CC Sabathia(notes).

According to a few reports that circulated on Tuesday, the Yankees ace has lost 30 pounds since the end of last season, a drop that would presumably take him from last year's listed weight of 309 pounds to somewhere in the area of 280. That would also put him below colleagues like Jonathan Broxton(notes) and Jon Rauch(notes), and maybe even erase a few pinstripes from this year's Yankees uniform. 

This picture of Sabathia was taken at a Nets game on Jan. 31. Does he look more svelte than usual?  NYT

2. Troy Renck reports that the Colorado Rockies are out of the Michael Young(notes) derby. Their problem? The Texas Rangers are still looking to receive the value Young held before their relationship crumbled into nothing this week. Denver Post

3. If someone as Hollywood smart as Jon Weisman is thinking that "Moneyball" has a chance to become this year's "Social Network," well, then it probably does. SweetSpot

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4. Rob Neyer posts some of his favorite reader-submitted "surnacronyms" which has to be one of the greatest offseason timewasters ever. My favorite of the bunch: Movement Of Legs Is Not Acceleration. SB Nation

5. Boston Red Sox catcher Jared Saltalamacchia says his yips — a condition infinitely easier to spell than his last name — are finally gone. ESPN Boston

6. Larry Stone jumps into the "Should Ichiro(notes) bat third?" pool — again. Seattle Time 

7. Attention spans, rejoice: Caryn Rose turns the boring, 360-page complaint against the Wilpons in one easy-to-read blog post. MetsGrrl

8. Theo Epstein seems to be enjoying his game of offseason bullpen darts. Fire Brand

9. Valley local Jim McLennan compiles a list of good bars in the Cactus League. AZ Snakepit

10. Hey, why not? Could Albert Pujols(notes) land with the Toronto Blue Jays? Jays Journal

11. One of life's greatest pleasures: Reading Andy Dolan's latest takedown of Franchester Brennaman's ridiculous self-importance. Desipio

12. Finally, there are just some minor league promotions that you hear about and immediately say "I gotta be there": Yes, the Lowell Spinners will feature a human cannonball after their game on July 5. Red Sox Monster

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