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Duk's Dozen, a selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items, has returned in 2011 to start your baseball news day off right. Got links? Send 'em here or via Twitter

1. Just got back inside from an intense shoveling session and I'm happy to report that no parts of the Wrigley Field roof flew through the air and into my back yard in another Chicago neighborhood about two miles away.

But given the magnitude of this Midwestern blizzard, I wouldn't have been surprised. As it was, the Friendly Confines lost a section of its roof above the press box on Tuesday night when winds measured at 50-60 mph blew through Wrigleyville. Clark and Addison, the two streets that intersect to form the home-plate corner, were shut down by police, and the Chicago Cubs now say they're assessing the situation. No doubt to help bolster their ongoing request for major renovation money from taxpayers. 

You can see some of the debris piled below the marquee in the photo above, as well as some of Chicago's unwavering winter resolve. Notice that "Go Cubs" remains lit. Sun-Times

2. A big BLS head nod goes to my photog pal Will Byington for braving the elements and snapping the photo above. See the unedited panoramic shot here. Will Byington 

3. Speaking of natural disasters, Bud Selig and the New York Mets have reportedly met to talk about the team's troubling finances. Associated Press 

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4. Albert Pujols'(notes) extension deadline is approaching and it's worth noting that we've barely heard anything from either side. Aaron Hooks wonders if that's a failing on the media's part, but the relative silence around a story of this magnitude has me believing that both camps are doing a really good job of remaining tight lipped. Jeter v. Yankees, this ain't. Cards Diaspora 

5. We're one step closer to DB's dream of another out-of-control ego dominating New York Yankees headlines: Hank Steinbrenner has moved into his dad's old office. AP

6. After noting the similarities between the San Diego Padres' uniforms and the Milwaukee Brewers' last week, Ray wants Friar fans to "boycott the blue" in an attempt to force the team to bring back the brown. Sacrifice Bunt

7. A very happy snowpocalypse to Scott Farole, who passed along this photo of Dominic Farole and his Fightins' fan friend. If you have any pictures of baseball-themed snow creations, send 'em to and I'll post them this week. BLS


8. Via our old pal Meech comes this great blog detailing the trip of one Phillies fan to the team's fantasy training camp in Clearwater, Fla. Bryan Sargent 

9. One Arkansas Travelers fan isn't happy about Torii Hunter's(notes) appearance in his home state on Tuesday night — and not because the Angels star didn't show because of weather issues. Travelerocity

10. Quote of the week goes to former Chicago White Sox GM Roland Hemond, who remembers the 1984 trade of LaMarr Hoyt for Ozzie Guillen:

"We traded LaMarr Hoyt for Ozzie Guillen, sight unseen on my part. When Ozzie showed up at spring training straight from Venezuela, and I was told he was in the clubhouse, I went down to greet him and give him a good handshake. And he was sitting at the training table ... with his shirt off and his baseball trousers on. I looked at that skinny kid, and I said, 'Oh, I am so happy to have you here.' Then I went into the office and said, 'I'm scared. I think we just signed a jockey.'"  Chicago Tribune via BBTF

11. The Houston Astros have been forced to cancel their final money grab from the local members of Red Sox Nation on March 31. AP 

12. Sully takes a look at the Hall of Fame cases for Guillen, Mike Scioscia and Jim Leyland, the three still-active managers who won World Series titles without a clear-cut Hall of Famer on their rosters. Hardball Times

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