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Ah, to the good life! That's Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman toasting us with a giant martini glass while Lou Piniella, Ozzie Guillen and two "prospects" actually, y'know, pay attention to the national anthem before Wednesday's exhibition between the Cubs and White Sox.  

The two teams — which actually traveled to Sin City on the same plane —  are playing at Cashman Field, home of the Blue Jays-affiliated 51s. Though it seems like major league teams regularly play spring training games in Las Vegas, Goodman is again using the opportunity to stir up talk of fulfilling his life's dream and bringing a MLB team to Vegas. That it was a poor idea even before the economy lost all its chips — hey, Andre Agassi told me so! — doesn't seem to matter much to Goodman, who never met a media opportunity he didn't like.

Really, though, there are just too many displaced folks (think of the troubles the D'backs face) and entertainment options for a franchise to ever work in Vegas. Let's not even get into the issue of where Goodman would drag up enough money to build a stadium that'd need a roof.

Anyway, the Cubs and Sox conclude their two-game set at 3:05 (Windy City time) and you can catch the action on WGN. The Sox, 7-6 winners in Game One, will be looking for the sweep.  

BONUS: Check out how great the 51s caps look.

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