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First you can't find out-of-town scores at a Florida Marlins game and now the team has turned over its pregame entertainment to ... a guy best known for his messianic complex?

It's true. Scott Stapp, Creed's lead singer and a man NBC Miami calls "Bizarro Jesus," has adapted one of his songs to fire up Fish fans before home games this season. "Marlins Will Soar" is not very easy on the ears and the worst part is that it seems Florida did not even use its new musical partnership to get a free agent discount on noted Creed fan Matt Holliday(notes).

Anyway, these are actual lyrics:

"Keep hoping and dreaming that you will ... soaaaaaaaaar!"

"With a little faith and love, you will .... soaaaaaaaaar!"

Heh. If anyone wants to let me in on the joke that Stapp has played on this mortal coil for more than a decade, now might be a good time. But if you'd rather be a masochistic sort, head on over to Walkoff Walk, where Iracane has posted a video of Stapp singing the National Anthem before Florida's home opener last week.

Or you can just do what what I did and watch Orioles Magic for a guaranteed way to push Stapp's lyrics out of your brain. Yeah, you'll be singing about the "thundering roar from 34" all day and people will think you're a fan of a 1-8 team, but it'll be worth the side effects.

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