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Since the AP baseball photo feed is guaranteed to be barren for the next few weeks, we thought it might be fun to hold off some theme weeks for our fabled C-a-C contests.

This week, it's: Baseball and Children

You have to give this little guy credit ... he's looking Randy Johnson straight in the eye and doing what most Major League hitters never could. He probably isn't a lefty.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Oh, and keep those great Obamicon entries coming. I'll post the best tomorrow. 

Follow the jump for winners from Tuesday's C-a-C featuring The Wax Captain:

1st — Johnny G.

"I'm so rich I pay kids to pick my nose."

2nd — rexdeaz.

"This fake Jeter may be stiff, but I hear Bill James is gonna give it a higher range factor rating than the real life one!" 

3rd — Jon S. 

"It looks real, but it's lifeless. Wow, it's kind of like the Yankees since 2000!"

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