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Create-a-Caption: Squirrel soars over Cleveland bullpen

"Imma name him Rocky Colavito."

We saw a black cat grace the Mets and Marlins with its presence on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon brought baseball another encounter with the animal kingdom: A squirrel ran around the outfield of Progressive Field during Detroit's sweep-sealing 8-6 win over the Cleveland Indians. Though the Tribe's playoff hopes are now smaller than a squirrel's chances against an actual tiger, the episode brought Cleveland's bullpen plenty of entertainment. Closer Chris Perez(notes) tried to catch it in his jacket while Vinnie Pestano(notes) chased him off the actual playing surface and into the bullpen. It was a good warmup for hunting season, which, incidentally, is where many of the Indians will soon be headed.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from the last C-a-C featuring Jered Weaver(notes):

Jered Weaver says, "Oh that's a hot one"

1st — jtfanclub. " Hot jock! Hot jock! HOT JOCK! Stupid pranks.

2nd — andrewscott48. "Jered Weaver preparing for the 7th inning hot dog cannon."

3rd — maitland. "In an attempt to put a little extra 'heat' on his fastball, Weaver tries eating a Ghost Pepper before the game."

HM — toddymac. ""I could have made THAT MUCH if I signed with the Yankees?!"

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