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Now that's what I call a rebound, readers. And since you did so well on Monday's pic of Manny being Manny, here's another pic of everyone's favorite Fenway flake. It comes from last night's Red Sox win as Manny Ramirez entertains Yuniesky Betancourt, Adrian Beltre and Jose Lopez at a second-base conference. (Remember: His reported run-in with a Seattle cop has yet to occur).

So have at it, reborn amateur Internet copywriters of the world.

How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for well-done winners from Monday's C-a-C:

'Here's how you run a Gold Glove campaign' 

1st — Anrkist. 

Manny, I've told you a hundred times. You can't have a baby!

2nd — thestoots.

"No No No No No, Madonna and A-Rod do it like dis J-Ells"

3rd — Mat. 

Ellsbury: "Dude... dude... wake up!"
Manny: "Oh [profane] man, we're playing?"


Mid-Summer, Mid-Wife

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