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Having gone to a school that nuked its baseball program back in '90 and boasts Paul Quantrill as its last great product, I don't have much interest in college baseball. That usually changes, though, this time of year when I'll tune into the College World Series  for an inning here or an inning there; maybe even watch the decisive nine innings. For the last few Junes I've regretted not making the short drive up to Omaha when I lived down in Kansas City.

Anyway, the CWS begins this Saturday with a host of familiar names in the eight-school field of Miami, FSU, Georgia, Stanford, North Carolina, Rice, LSU and Fresno State.

You can follow all the action over on our NCAA baseball page or on Rivals — which we also own, long live synergy! — but until then, have at it, amateur Internet copywriters.

How should the caption to this pic of LSU celebrating its super regional win over UC-Irvine read?

Follow the jump for winners from Monday's C-A-C:

"Maybe if I inhale deeply, I'll just pass out"  

1st — Will M.

"I love the smell of a new 5950, now what were you saying about the Dodgers?"

2nd — Jumbo. 

Check out my new defense strategy ... we all play dead and hope Brandon Webb pitches a shutout.

3rd — jmontel. 

Maybe if I just take a nap, when I wake up we'll be 10 games in front again.

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