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Poor Mark Teixeira. He goes from the glory of playing stickball for a Yahoo! Sports fantasy baseball photo op to yelling at a crush of fans trying to get his autograph in Tampa. But what exactly do you say to keep a pack of signature hounds from asphyxiating each other?

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Friday's hilarious C-a-C featuring Albert Pujols:

'Hey Albert Pujols, wanna get away?'

1st — JerBear50.

"Never content to stand idly by, LaRussa sends Ankiel in to pinch-chuckle for McRae and slides Hal over to Maniacal Laughter." 

2nd — Smoshed. 

"Hey guys, Details Magazine contacted me and said they had interest in my posing for the next hot photoshoot. What ya think?"

3rd — Brandon. 

"Are you only laughing at my jokes because I could be a free agent next year?"

HM — bottomlinesox.

Albert Pujols suddenly realizes that the new "No Pants Day" promotion was a joke

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