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Create-a-Caption: Lance Berkman lends the Rams a hand

ARLINGTON, Texas — Question for you St. Louis sports fans out there: Do you really want Cardinals star Lance Berkman(notes) rubbing elbows with the St. Louis Rams and catching whatever they've got considering the opposite directions the two teams are heading?

Ah, I kid, I kid. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo brought his players across the Rangers Ballpark-Cowboys Stadium parking lot on Saturday night to watch Saturday night's Game 3 and the Cardinals seemed to do just fine. Berkman and Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton(notes) returned the favor on Sunday, showing up to flip the ceremonial first coin before the Rams-Cowboys game. In fitting with the general theme of the weekend so far, Hamilton's toss resulted in a St. Louis win (though the Cowboys are working fast to reverse the area's fortunes before Game 4 begins tonight).

Anyway, have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from the last C-a-C from way back in the regular season:

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1st — Vaffanculo. "Reimold, not the slickest of pick pockets."

2nd — Pep. "When Rodney McCray Tribute goes wrong."

3rd — Jones. "Who you callin' a Fathead?"

HM — Andrew. "Say the jingle! Say the jingle!"

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