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Today's final edition of the Hall of Fame game was canceled by rain (gotta think that the Padres and Cubs are thrilled they made the trip), but not even the angry gods could bear to stop the Hall of Fame parade through downtown Cooperstown. The photo above is of Ron Bolin, a fellow who apparently felt that the best way to take advantage of his gut would be to buy an old wool uniform and become a Babe Ruth impersonator.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world: How should the caption to this photo read?

Follow the jump for winners from last Thursday's C-a-C:

"You know, I've never sat in the bleachers."  

1st — Crook3dNumb3rs.

Tim Hudson protests for response to bullpen tragedies in Atlanta.

2nd — Aster

"My knees feel as old as this uniform."

3rd — Trevor G.

"Hah and they said there was standing room only!"

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