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As I can attest after my puck-based experience over the summer, there's nothing quite like the triumphant tour of a trophy that your favorite team just captured. Long-suffering fans of the San Francisco Giants are learning that now as the Commissioner's Trophy is making the rounds in Northern California and thousands are lining up for their photo ops. 

In the spirit of Corgi Friday, here's l'il Yorkie named Farley checking out — or not checking out, as it were — the Giants' big prize in Sacramento the other day. Perhaps he prefers the Dodgers and was forced into that orange kerchief? (Also, is it just me or does Farley's dad look like he could be Roger Clemens' brother?)

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from the last C-a-C, featuring David Ortiz(notes) as a gigantic pylon:

David Ortiz is the accidental tourist

1st — clint. "David Ortiz displays his defensive prowess"

2nd — Caligiuri Fan. "Ten minutes later, as they cleared the broken glass off the floor at the Garden, everyone in Boston regretted those two words from Ortiz: "My turn!"

3rd — Right Wing Extremist. "That's levitation holmes"

HM — starclan77. "You better make it in the basket Dustin."

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