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Since the beginning of 2008, Clint Hurdle and the Rockies are 88-109 and are performing in 2009 at a .389 clip with a 14-22 record. Woody Paige says it's time for Hurdle to get the heave-ho and the sad part is that he's probably right. No one on the team apart from Todd Helton(notes) and Brad Hawpe(notes) is hitting and the pitching staff is an absolute mess.

It's not all Hurdle's fault, of course, but a 530-618 record and only one winning campaign (no matter how memorable) over six full seasons is not going to cut it. However, the Monfort family, which owns the Rockies, has publicly supported their guy and say that Hurdle is trying to do everything he can. Will that be enough to see the end of 2009? Stay tuned.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read? 

Follow the jump for winners from Friday's C-a-C featuring a downtrodden Big Papi:

Why won't the rally monkey work for Papi?

1st — yogaflame. "Man this golden thong itches ..."

2nd — Nate. "Photo has been digitally altered to remove the 'Golden Sombrero.' "

3rd — Mark F. "Upon his average dropping below .200, Papi exclaims: 'Mendozaaaaaaa!'"

HM — JerBear50. "If I keep playing this poorly, I'll end up getting signed by the Yankees!"

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