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No, Bernie Williams wasn't standing in for Kevin Eubanks* on The Tonight Show. This is a shot from last night's tribute to Gloria Estefan at an event before the Latin Grammys. So if you've ever wondered what decades of contributions to the Miami Sound Machine are worth, you now have your answer — a guitar solo from a former Yankees center fielder.

Williams is no stranger to the live performance scene, but he's a C-a-C virgin. So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

*I'm assuming Eubanks is still hanging with Jay Leno. He was when I last watched in '95. 

Follow the jump for winners from a particularly strong C-a-C involving Brian Cashman:

Brian Cashman is having a moment

1st — Daniel C. 

"Hello, Hank? Brian here. What's my budget again? There isn't one?"

2nd — The Layt Show.

"Hey, George, I found that mirror you were wanting. What's that? Yep, yes sir, the one kinda like that thing in Stargate that lets you go back in time. Y---yes, yes sir, I got it dialed up to 1999 for you. R-right, right, y-yeah. Yes, 1999. You know...when the Yankees were significant. Right, y-yes. Uh-huh. Right. Thank--thank you, sir. Griffey? I'll see if I can find him. Good day, sir."

3rd — Dirty Needle.

"Joba, what do you mean 'You killed another stripper?'"
HM — Saro G. 
"I don't know how to tell you this Hank, but Ed Wade is a better Texas hold 'em player than GM. Could I get another 50 grand just till Friday?"
HM — Joe Aiello.

"(sigh If only I could work for the Pirates where there isn't this constant pressure to spend spend spend."

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