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What started out as a decent idea to display baseball's allegiance on patriotic dates has transformed into a fashion monster that grows worse and worse with each passing year.

At your right is the New York Yankees' version of the "Stars and Stripes" cap that each team will again wear on Memorial Day, July 4 and Sept. 11.  Umm, yeah ...

To be clear, I have no qualms with wrapping the national pastime in Old Glory on patriotic dates — or any other, really. For example, these shirts are cool.

Also, the charitable benefits to the Welcome Back Veterans fund from the sale of these hats, even though I still think baseball can donate more than a measly buck from each cap that they're selling for a whopping sticker price of $36.99.

No, my issue has more to do with how increasingly garish and loud the design continues to be. As our own Dave Brown remarked, the 2011 edition looks like something you'd see a guy selling off a table in Manhattan for five bucks.

And yet we'll be seeing these atop the heads of each player, no matter if he's wearing Rockies purple or Mariners teal or D'Backs sedona red. It will again be more mismatched costume party than patriotic display. It will again cause use to wonder how (and when) Lil Wayne got control of making baseball's uniform decisions.

Seriously, what's wrong with every team wearing a simple American flag patch over their hearts for the day, calling in your best singer for "God Bless America" and arranging for free tickets and an extra-special salute to veterans? Is that not profitable enough?

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