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Cool: Houston’s Jason Michaels hits ‘snow cone double’ into stands

Everyone knows that nothing goes better with baseball than an ice cream cone, especially on a warm day after a big win.

But what if there's no ice cream man around to summon? Further, what if you happen to still be batting?

On Thursday night, Jason Michaels(notes) of the Houston Astros solved this problem — a cone-nundrum, if you will — by lacing a double to right field that hopped into the stands at Minute Maid Park and bounced off the tray of a snow cone vendor.

No desserts appeared to be harmed as the ball ricocheted back into the field of play. After a huddle, umpires called it a ground-rule double. Michaels' hit was key in a four-run fifth inning for the Astros, who must have been in good humor after cruising to a 7-0 victory against the Texas Rangers.

Watch it here:

Astros broadcaster Jim Deshaies made the announcement:

"It hit the snow cone man! It's a snow-cone double. You don't see that every day."

A moment later, Deshaies went Sabean and jokingly called for change:

"I want to implement a new rule. Anything that hits off the vendor is in play."

Sorry, Jim, this ain't golf. (Although golf does have a refreshment cart.)

Cool: Houston’s Jason Michaels hits ‘snow cone double’ into standsOn defense, players semi-frequently make snow cone, or ice cream cone catches — when the ball sticks out of the glove pocket like a heaping scoop of vanilla bean. Michaels, who has 136 doubles in 2,500-plus career at-bats, can say he's avenged one of those catches for the offensive side.

Personally, I would have waited for an Italian Ice vendor, or a postgame trip to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. Much more substantive than snow cones or shaved ice. But to each his or her own chilly treat.

Back on point, is ballplayer/food interaction becoming a trend at MLB parks? A little over a week ago, Nick Hundley(notes) of the Padres hit a foul ball into a fan's beer cup.

Now these guys are switching to sweets. Heaven help the fan munching on helmet nachos at the wrong moment.

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