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Since the Yankees got such good results from The Joba Rules, you knew it was only a matter of time before another hot pitching prospect got another cute nickname for the strategy of limiting his innings. 

Clayton Kershaw, it's your lucky day.


The Dodgers have a "Kershaw Decree" — he is not to exceed 25 innings in any month while in the Minor Leagues. The strategy is to ration the left-hander's outings so that he's useful to the Major League club late in the season. In his only full professional season last year, Kershaw threw only 122 innings.

"We don't want to get teased and find out in September [that Kershaw's] not pitching anymore," said (Joe) Torre.

Can't say I disagree, though there are any number of people with No. 1 waiver-wire slots who will.

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