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Move over, Gipper and mini-Kurt Russell: Charlie Sheen has now entered the arena of great motivational speeches with his Thursday afternoon address to UCLA's baseball team.

TMZ has video of the short-but-sweet advice, but let's allow Richard Brehaut, the Bruins quarterback who's moonlighting on the diamond this season, to paraphrase the entire speech on his Twitter account.

Sheen should have added the immortal words of Jimmy Dugan about avoiding venereal disease, but yes, those are otherwise words to live by.

As for those of you who are asking why an esteemed institution of higher learning would allow Sheen — whose last 100 headlines involve porn stars, drug use and destroyed hotel rooms— around a bunch of impressionable college kids ... I really have no idea. 

Maybe he and Milton Bradley(notes) (he was there, too, really) got lost on their way to giving guest lectures for Thursday's class in Miscreants 101?

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