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We're still more than a month away from Truck Day, which means Boston Red Sox beat writers are off writing stories on the roots of their newest players.

ESPN Boston already did the Adrian Gonzalez is from San Diego bit and now the Boston Herald has a team in Houston to collect and report anecdotes on Carl Crawford's(notes) upbringing in Texas.

The BH's trip is just getting started (go check it out), but it's already passed along a couple of good nuggets from a conversation it just had with Crawford.

For one, Crawford says he's excited about playing in front of full houses at Fenway Park after struggling through some less-than-capacity crowds down in Tampa Bay:

"That was really a big deal for me because I went through the situation in Tampa and didn't want to go through that again. It was definitely a big deal for me to know that I want to go to a team where they understand the game. It's on you if you get booed or not. People are like into it. Just that whole environment, the tradition, that played a part in it."

For another, he confirms that being informed of a new $142 million paycheck is still a big deal to someone who's already made $31 million in his career so far:

"I'll tell you the story that happened that night. And I told Theo (Epstein) this, too. This is no lie. (Agent) Brian Peters called me, and he said, ‘All right, if the figures are the same, where do you want to go?' I'm thinking nothing of this call. I'm just driving on the freeway. I said, ‘Man, to be honest with you, B.P., if everything was the same, I think I'd rather go to Boston.' He said, ‘Really?' [...]

"And he said, ‘Well, I'm glad to hear that because that's where you're going.' I was like, ‘Oh really?' and he said, ‘Yeah, you're going to Boston,' and I was like, ‘Shoot, let's go.' That's just how it happened. Then, he told me the dollar amount, and I almost got into a wreck on the freeway."

Luckily for the Red Sox, their newest outfielder was able to contain his composure long enough to avoid an O'Doyle-like fate before putting pen to very expensive paper a few days later. I suppose that's the kind of reactive reflexes the Red Sox are paying for in the first place.

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