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If Bud Selig stays true to his word and retires from the commissioner's chair next year, he says he'd like to teach classes at the University of Wisconsin.

That plan should also free Selig up over the summer so he can enter the Tour de France.

Selig told baseball's ministry of information on Thursday that his exercise bike routine has now reached 1,000 straight days without interruption. Yes, the 76-year-old commish keeps detailed records on his hour-long workouts and says he hasn't missed the opportunity to ride an exercise bike — either at home or in a hotel workout room —in almost three years.

From's Mike Bauman:

The Commissioner has been riding the bike on a regular basis since 1980, and he has been keeping records on his exercise routine since 1984. He was president of the Milwaukee Brewers at that time, and he got into the regular exercise program at the urging of the team's physician, Paul Jacobs.

"I was smoking Tiparillos at the time, and Dr. Jacobs said: 'We've got to get you into an exercise program,'" Selig said. "'He told me: 'I don't want you running; you'll end up with bad knees, bad ankles, bad feet, bad everything.'"

Selig would need another 4.5 years of non-stop exercise to break Cal Ripken's streak of 2,632 games. He says he won't make it that far, but that working out makes him feel like "a little kid."

Hey, good for him. I know some people might suspect he's been doing this so he can rule baseball until he's 100 years old, but it's nice that he's out there setting a nice example of an active lifestyle for people of all ages. Also, he's going to need that stamina once he hits Madison.

Standing guard at a Langdon Street frathouse and checking the list all night isn't easy.

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