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As mentioned in this morning's insta-smash hit and Fightins'-squeezed Juice, the Stew's David Brown is on a working vacation. This basically means I am calling him on the hour, asking if his car has Internet access and, if the answer is no, then why the hell not?  

Anyway, fueled by an intense desire to please his boss, DB faithfully pointed his car and work ethic toward Milwaukee, where he secured the always-hilarious CC Sabathia for Thursday's Answer Man session. While the full text will be transcribed once Dave learns to type on his Blackberry while driving or finds a truck stop with WiFi — whichever comes first — I wanted to share this little bit of bloggy news with the masses today.

CC can take a fat joke, even if it's from one of last week's most-forwarded satirical articles.

From the interview:

Q: Did you see the Onion article about you and Fresh Prince Fielder?

CC: [Shaking head].

Q: You know the Onion, the satirical newspaper that does funny stories?

CC: No, I haven't seen it.

Q: OK [scrambling]. I think the headline went something like, 'CC Sabathia, Prince Fielder Keep Imagining Each Other As Giant Hamburger, Hot Dog, Respectively.'

CC: Ha! That's good! I mean, we're big guys and always going to be big guys. Nothing really offends me and I'm not really bothered by it. You take it in stride and laugh if it's funny.

Q: When you look at Ryan Braun, what food comes to mind?

CC: Food-wise [laughs]. Gosh. Braun, probably, a steak. He's got a lot of ribbies — ribeyes, RBIs (178 in his first 217 career games) — so, I guess, a medium-rare steak

After watching Braunie's raw misadventures in outfielding last night, I'd say his ribeye is cooked just the way Jeff Passan like his steak — Pittsburgh rare (a.k.a. "black and blue.")

The rest of this Sabathia interview will post tomorrow and Brown promises it's a good one.

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