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So let's say you were a closer for the Texas Rangers and that you had some pretty liberal political views. I know it's outlandish, maybe even impossible, but stick with me here. If you were the clubhouse equivalent of an outspoken pinko Commie in McCarthy's America, how would you go about expressing your beliefs and trying to make a change?

Please choose one:

A) By talking to the former SI writer who helped make John Rocker a household racist?

B) By describing your fellow ballplayers as an uneducated and selfish bunch to said writer?

C) By later going on a Rangers blog and commenting on a post by fellow Ranger pitcher Brandon McCarthy?

D) By offering the following rebuttal to McCarthy's defense of ballplayers— "Come on man you have to admit the median or average guy in a baseball clubhouse does drive an SUV, drinks beer, golfs, likes college sports, chews or dips tobacco and is relatively a [expletive]" —before later deleting response?

E) All of the above.

Over the past week, C.J. Wilson made the choice to choose 'E' and it has gotten him into just a little bit of trouble with his (according to him) SUV-drivin', beer-drinkin', golf-playin', college sports-likin', tobacco-dippin' teammates.

While I'm certain that I like Wilson's willingness to share his political thoughts in an arena that is barren of them, I'm also sure  he couldn't have gone about it any worse. Namecalling is the bottom of the political barrel and Wilson willingly jumped right down to the muck. No valuable political debate ever gets started with a handful of mud. 

Think Wilson will work harder on his stump speech next time?

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