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If I paid even one second of attention to the NBA since spring training started, I'd be glad tell you who LeBron and the Bron-Brons are going to play in the first round of the playoffs. However, I decided to completely quit pro basketball back when the Bulls did (last November), so you'll have to go check out my man Skeets for the pertinent info. It's called teamwork, folks.   

Forging ahead ... Not that Cleveland was going to be uninterested in that first-round series, but their attention is going to be decidedly less undivided as long as C.C. Sabathia continues to play like he's not interested in collecting $150 million sometime before next Christmas. 

Sabathia's awful start continued with last night's shelling by the Tigers and is now represented by a season line that looks like this: 0-3, 4G, 18 IP, 13.50 ERA, 27 ER, 32 H, 14 BB, 14K, 5 HR. 

A sampling of the Clevelander reaction isn't much better. Good thing LeBron already owns a Yankees hat ...  

Let's Go Tribe: "What can you say about CC Sabathia's outing, other than heading to the local digital thesaurus and listing all the synonyms of horrible, ghastly, and other assorted epithets? 13 baserunners, nine runs, all of them earned, just one strikeout, and thousands of disturbed scalps across Northeast Ohio. The same guy who won the Cy Young Award last season has given up 27 runs in 18 innings pitched. The same pitcher who was getting at least $150M at the end of the season is currently the worst pitcher in baseball."

Plain Dealer: "C.C. Sabathia leaned on the dugout railing, staring at the diamond. It was the look of utter shock, of a heavy heart, of a mind is so full of questions that when he tries to answer he comes up empty ... He means he can't throw strikes on the corners. He gets to two strikes, then he huffs and puffs and grunts and tries to blow them down with his fastball. Instead, it's foul ball, foul ball, foul ball. His frustration rises along with his pitch count."

The DiaTribe: "It takes quite a bit for me to leave my perch in the Mezzanine prior to the 27th out being squeezed at a Tribe game. But watching the reigning Cy Young winner giving up 9 ER in 4 IP ... yeah, that will get me out of my seat and en route to the Family Truckster. As I post this, the Indians are coming to bat in the bottom of the 9th and let’s just say that I’m opening my 2nd High Life at home."

Waiting For Next Year: Perhaps because there's a point where you just have to laugh at what's happening, WFNY just Photoshopped a cool comic strip and renamed him "B.P. Sabathia."

Definitely worth a click.

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