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Thought Pete Rose setting up shop in Caesar's Palace was his Joe Louis-as-casino-host moment?

Well, it probably was, though it seemed like his recent promotion with Tom Gill Chevrolet in Florence, Ky., couldn't be that far behind. According to the ad above, anyone buying a car from the dealership gets the opportunity to have dinner with Rose at a later date.

Now, when I first saw this promotion, several questions ran through my mind:

1. What would you have to buy for his girlfriend to tag along?

2. Would he take off that weird Reds cap at the table? Or would he insist on wearing it?

3. Would you both drive separately? Or would he pick you up? Vice versa?

4. What would Chuck Hustle do if you made like Bania on "Seinfeld" and ordered soup?

5. Odds that Pete would be in the bathroom when the check arrives?

All of those questions — and more! — ran through my mind as I prepared to ask my boss if I could travel to the Cincinnati area and expense a Chevy Equinox. 

Alas, it turns out that the promotion does not involve one-on-one noshing with the Hit King, but a group feed for all buyers that will be held on Nov. 16. 

Still, that won't rid the thought of taking Pete to Panda Express and telling him to go for a double order of orange chicken from my imagination.

And it won't stop me from asking you this question: If you could take a baseball legend to any restaurant, which legend and which restaurant would it be? 


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