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Confession time: I started pushing the heck out of the "LIKE" button when I saw the Baltimore Orioles take the field against the Tampa Bay Rays while wearing all-orange throwback uniforms.

Yeah, the players looked kinda like Halloweenies and the fashionable fellas over at Uni Watch point out that the O's wore the look for only two games back in the 1971 season.

But what's wrong with being a little different for one game in a 162-game slate that can often seem more monochromatic than what was hanging in their lockers on Friday afternoon?   

And don't even get me started on the cartoon bird hats. Pure Orioles magic.

Unfortunately, new manager Buck Showalter didn't share our view and refused to shed his Mr. Serious Skipper label for even one night.

Showalter publicly expressed his distaste for the getups and even donned a short-sleeve jacket over the jersey to avoid being mistaken for a lineup-calculating carrot or pumpkin.

"Someone said it looked like Halloween candy corn," Showalter said via the AP. "Take a picture. You won't see them again."

Boo, hiss! Can't Buck give us fans what we want, at least for one night a year?

And, really, it's not like Buck's team went out and smoked the AL wild card leader on the road while wearing them. Oh wait, that's exactly what they did, earning a 5-0 shutout win.

Then again, maybe we have to cut Buck some slack in his sartorial selections. Showalter is 9-2 since taking over the Orioles and I would assume that most O's fans would take that record over anything — even if means dressing their team in Jack Nicholson's Yankees getup from last year's ALCS.

By the way, the Orioles were wearing the uniforms because the Rays were holding a 1970s throwback night. The Rays, of course, didn't exist until two decades later, so they had to resort to wearing the jerseys of the Tampa Bay Tarpons, a former minor league team.

You can see Evan Longoria(notes) modeling the look below, but I have to say that I prefer the St. Petersburg Pelicans throwbacks the team wore a few years ago.

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