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It's almost art — kind of like a James Bond opening — but it's really just the shattered outer lens of a TBS TV camera. In the fourth inning of Game 4 of the ALCS, Brett Gardner's(notes) bat splintered on a grounder to third and the bat's barrel impaled a camera next to the first-base dugout.

Brett, this is why we can't have nice things!

TBS announcer Ron Darling made a funny, noting that it was the same camera that helped show Gardner was out on his slide into first during Game 3. Like Gardner was out for revenge.

"That's the camera that got the shot of Brett Gardner not touching first. I'm just saying," [Darling joked].

UPDATE: During the postgame show on the MLB Network, host Greg Amsinger said cameras like this one cost $60,000-$100,000. Brett Gardner's 2010 salary: $452,500. Would TBS take a personal check, do you think?

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Amazingly (or not — who knows how these things work?) the camera kept functioning, despite it looking like the windshield of a '74 Pinto. I did this once to my mother's own windshield during a Little League game. She hasn't let me hear the end of it, either.

Nobody was hurt on the Gardner play — at least nothing has been reported — and cameraman Steve Angel (not sure of the spelling) can say he stood at his post with dangerous wooden shards coming right for him.

Way to ham it up, Steve. But seriously. First, one of these bats tries to kill Chicago Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin(notes), now they're causing thousands of dollars of damage to our Hi-Def video equipment. What will they hurt next?

The arrow points to the bat just as it hits the camera. It's a good thing the bat part didn't go flying toward the other dugout. That's where Katie Couric sits!

With the arrow's help, you can make out Gardner as he hustles to first. Almost lost in the moment — and how could we not lose sight of it with the camera breaking? — Texas Rangers infielder Elvis Andrus(notes) made a nice play to force a runner at third base. But A-Rod was able to score to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead.

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So it wasn't a total loss. But you just made the list, Gardner!

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