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Not to worry, lovers of half-baked punk rawk-baseball comedy: San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson(notes) appears to be in midseason form with his one-off imitation of Andy Dick.

Yes, the Bearded One surfaced on George Lopez's TBS show on Thursday night to promote the MLB 2K11 video game. He arrived in a pretty fantastic getup: A nautical outfit that was equal parts Captain Ahab, Captain Stubing, hipster band frontman, Zach Galifianakis, Kenny Rogers and the other Brian Wilson. Ahoy, all ye landlubbers ashore at McCovey Cove!

While I've lately sided with @gggiants' belief that Wilson is crossing the line between eccentric and trying too hard, this was an entertaining nine minutes of television. Over his time with Lopez, Wilson discusses schooners, massages in Thailand and what NSFW term relievers use when they warm up but don't get into the game. He even drops a decent Chuck Norris joke about himself somewhere in there. Check it out here.

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