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The biggest downside of a West Coast team winning a World Series title? Hands down, it has to be required late-night appearances with the script-following clown in Burbank instead of heading east for a visit with David Letterman. Any benefit of the doubt I was going to give Jay Leno during Brian Wilson's(notes) appearance on The Tonight Show disappeared when he took the Commissioner's Trophy from the San Francisco Giants closer and then promptly placed it on the ground behind his desk. It might as well have been a fruit basket to The Chin.

But as so many athletes are fond of saying, it is what it is. Part 1 of Wilson's appearance with Leno can be seen above and Part 2  — which closes with an appearance from The Machine — can be seen below. Watch these for the pop culture moments they are, then promise you'll pledge to watch Conan's debut four times on Monday night as penance.

One more thing: There's a growing movement of fans that want Wilson to host Saturday Night Live, which would be just about the worst idea in the world. Don't get me wrong, he's great in measured doses. But asking him to fill 90 minutes with his humor — which basically consists of absurd and non-plussed responses — is a train wreck in the making.

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