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Is Brian Cashman going rogue?

In a candid Q&A conducted on Tuesday morning, the New York Yankees general manager made a number of predictions. Among them: Shortstop Derek Jeter(notes) would soon move to the outfield, Joba Chamberlain(notes) won't move back to the rotation because he got hurt as a starting pitcher, and that the Boston Red Sox are a better team than the Yankees.

Well, then! It wasn't long ago that Cashman volunteered that Yankees upper management overruled him on the signing of reliever Rafael Soriano(notes), an admission that raised some eyebrows.

Cashman's lips were just as loose at a fan breakfast in New York City hosted by WFAN radio personality Mike Francesa. He asked most of the questions, but fans got to ask some, too.

ESPN's Amanda Rykoff live-tweeted a portion of the event:

Francesa to Cashman: "How are you?"
Cashman: "I'd be better if I could get a starter." [...] "We're one starter away from being a World Series contender."

Cashman said Andy Pettitte(notes) might be the starter, but Chamberlain apparently is not the guy: "No. He hasn't been same since injury in TX."

Eeenteresing, says the Pinstriped Bible.

Later, a fan asked Cashman "what will happen" with Jeter, who recently signed a contract extension after an acrimonious negotiation. Cashman's reply:

"I'd be surprised if he plays SS for all 4 years. I see him moving to OF."

Can of worms, meet opener. But, if Jeter's defensive range continues to decline, the Yankees would be well-advised to move him somewhere.

It's just ... surprising to hear the Yankees' GM come out and say it. It also might be a little something to motivate Jeter, to keep him trying to prove he can still play short.

Francesa also asked Cashman, point-blank, who was better right now: the Red Sox or Yankees?

Cashman: "Red Sox. But we have better bullpen."

Well, they better at those prices.

There was more, including a brief update on A.J. Burnett(notes) that's not terribly optimistic-sounding: "He knows he has a problem and he's doing all he can to fix it."

So, what's up with Cashman? Not that he ever had the reputation for being super secretive, but he just seems awfully transparent right now. Hey, more fun for us. But why?

Near the end, a fan asked Cashman what makes his job so hard.

Cashman: "to be honest what can wear you out here in NY is the media coverage."

That must be it. Well done, ladies and gentlemen of the press. You've worn down his defenses.

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