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Like an exasperated grandmother who just sat down with her latest romantic novel, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Brett Cecil(notes) initially fretted over forgetting to bring his glasses on the team's current road trip.

But any chances of Cecil turning into Milhouse "Nice Doggy" Van Houten quickly vanished. While helming a 3-2 Toronto victory, the lefty with uncorrected vision proved effective against a punchless Seattle Mariners lineup, anyway.

From the Associated Press:

"This should be a fun night. I don't have my glasses," the left-hander told catcher John Buck(notes) before the game.

"I'm sure it might freak batters out a little bit, seeing me go like this," Cecil said later, with an exaggerated squint.

Cecil only gave up two runs and one walk in seven innings of work and he may want to consider leaving his specs at home in his next start. His previous start — which featured the glasses — had Cecil giving up eight earned runs over two innings against Texas.

I love this story, though, because we usually only hear about how well someone's pitching or hitting after new contacts or laser correction. The indictment of a Seattle's offense after being bested by a vision-impaired pitcher is a nice and fresh take on the issue, though.

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