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Perhaps you have been reading up on baseball's so-called "unwritten rules." Using what invisible ink remains, I am adding to the list right now.

My rule is, if an opposing pitcher takes a no-hitter into the eighth inning against your team, you're not allowed to say how unimpressed you were.

This goes out to Atlanta's pitcher Tim Hudson(notes) and manager Bobby Cox, who tried talking down the abilities and effort of Washington Nationals lefty Scott Olsen(notes) on Thursday night.

In his fifth start, Olsen came within five outs of a no-hitter, putting up this line using 97 pitches: 7 1/3 innings, two hits, one earned run, one walk and eight strikeouts.

After Olsen departed, the Nats won the game 3-2 on a pinch-hit RBI from Willie Harris(notes).

Here's how Hudson characterized Olsen's performance:

"He's got pretty good stuff but, let's be honest here: I don't think he's got no-hit stuff."

What a jerk! How about just saying nothing?

And the great Cox (is that spelled right?) wasn't the voice of reason, either.

Asked about Matt Diaz(notes) striking out three times looking, Cox said: "He got called out on some bad pitches."

Why don't you ask Diaz to swing the bat once, Bobby? Have some retirement cake and go to bed, old man.

Olsen pitched a great game and no amount of complaining about how the umpire called the strike zone — or the fact that Olsen doesn't have Aroldis Chapman's(notes) stuff — can change it.

And you know what? Even if he didn't pitch great, even if his stuff is just OK and the umpire helped him ... just be quiet, Braves.

Granted, Olsen's life in the majors has trended from mediocrity to disastrously self-destructive. He has tried to give away his major league gifts with some bush-league behavior: Fights with opponents, teammates, his own manager, the cops. He even started the season in the minors because he apparently has more lessons to learn.

But you know what else is minor league? The Braves' attitude. Despite much promise coming out of spring training, they've had a frustrating season in about 1,000 ways. Take it out on the other team with your play. If you must comment, make it about your own shortcomings. (Nats Enquirer thinks Cox took his objections beyond words, ordering the mound to be tamped down during the seventh inning.)

There's one more quote that needs mentioning, though it's as much as a self-slight for the Braves than a knock against Olsen. The Braves have already been no-hit, by Ubaldo Jimenez(notes). They were much kinder to him in those postgame interviews. But get a load of Chipper Jones(notes), after being asked how the club would have reacted to another no-no:

"I think if that would have happened," Jones said, "you probably have to put us all on a suicide watch."

To sum this all up, here's what the Braves said about Olsen:

• "Let's be honest," he doesn't have "no-hit stuff."
• He made "bad pitches" and the incompetent umpire called them strikes.
• We all might have killed ourselves if he actually pitched a no-hitter.

The Braves could start one heck of a crappy winery with all of these sour grapes they're stomping. They're fired, until further notice.

Except for Jason Heyward(notes). He can stay.

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