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Brandon, meet Brandon: Giants’ Belt schmoozes giraffe namesake

Earlier on Thursday, we posted about Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in the Bay Area naming its newborn giraffe after San Francisco Giants slugger Brandon Belt(notes) — a gangly rookie whose nickname happens to be "Baby Giraffe."

Mark Townsend wrote:

Since the naming was made official, it has been reported that the two Brandons will meet privately at some point in the next week.

Well, as you hopefully notice by the photo, the Two Brandons have met. The baby giraffe looks too good to be true, like something out of an FAO Schwartz catalog. And check out the eyelashes on that bad boy! The giraffe, too! I kid!

The Giants posted several ridiculously adorable photos on Twitter and Belt's blog, which he shares with Mark DeRosa(notes) for reasons unknown. Go there to see all five — and note that Brandon the baseball player is just barely taller than Brandon the Giraffe, who was born a week ago Friday.

Here's some video of the meeting: Nice puppy!

Before you go, check out one more truly remarkable picture of Brandon, Brandon and Makali — A.K.A. Mama Giraffe.

Brandon, meet Brandon: Giants’ Belt schmoozes giraffe namesake

Ho-lee giraffes. Next season, I want to see Pablo Sandoval(notes) interact with a baby panda, or else forget it.

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