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I don't know if we don't affix loutish labels for Canadian fans just because they're north of the border, but it's probably time to start including Blue Jays supporters with those of the Phillies, White Sox and Dodgers whenever we unfairly paint  fanbases with the broadest of brushes.

Drunk Jays Fans? Hey, if the name fits. Over the past two seasons, we've seen the 500 level turn into a Golden Gloves tournament, Rogers Centre forced to go dry as a Kansas county on Sunday and, for all the good that Labatt's can do, there's been a lot of simply deplorable behavior like this (NSFW).

Jays fans added to their resume on Monday night when two women — yes, females — were booted from the ballpark after aiming a beer at the head of Rays center fielder B.J.  Upton while he caught a drive by Marco Scutaro(notes) for the second out of the eighth inning

Luckily, Upton didn't get sudsed at all and was able to escape his Al Smith during the 1959 Series moment. Here's what he told

"I was turning around to walk back to my position, and I saw the umpire walking over and everyone was looking down at me. I didn't know what was going on. He goes, 'You all right?' I said, 'What happened?' I guess they said two women threw a beer at me."

At any rate, real baseball fans know that beer is for drinking, not throwing, and the sooner the majority of respectable Jays fans impart this knowledge to their bozo brothers (and, uh, sisters), the better off all of us will be.

And if you're hestitant to act and want to purse the live-and-let-puke theory? Well, then ask yourself this: Would Walter Wayne The Beer Guy (below) want them acting this way?

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