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Billy Beane’s SABR skills fail him during kiss with Angelina JolieFor a guy who really values getting on base, Billy Beane really blew it.

Big time.

Put in the position of sharing a smooch with one of the world's most beautiful women, the Oakland Athletics general manager whiffed instead during a red-carpet kiss with Angelina Jolie.

He gladly admits it, too. During an interview with KNBR's Murph & Mac on Thursday, Beane turned his awkward encounter with the A-list actress at the premiere of "Moneyball" into a funny and self-deprecating comment on the statistical movement that made him famous.

Beane, who is portrayed in the film by Jolie's husband Brad Pitt, says he might have been better off relying on all those scouts who are marginalized in the book and movie.

From KNBR:

"It was actually in Toronto at the film festival. She was out here [in Oakland] for filming and I had seen her. We went for the kiss on the cheek ... and I only went to one side and she was coming over from Europe and London and so she went both sides as I was pulling back. I was completely unprepared for the foreign exchange.

"That's where a scouting report would've helped to realize that she was coming from Europe and would've done that. It was a complete faux pas on my part."

Luckily for Beane, US Weekly and People don't list stats for VORP.

That'd be Value Over Replacement Pucker, of course.

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