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Here's a great and beyond-incredible find by Wrigleyville 23: When asked by his bosses to name the top 3 Phillies at each position since 1980, crusty Philly columnist Bill Conlin ranked the second baseman in this order.

1. Mariano Duncan

2. Manny Trillo

3.  Mickey Morandini

Now, had Bill Conlin actually adhered to the label of "Legends of the Fall Classic" that he himself put out there, I could see where he would have left off Chase Utley, inarguably the best second baseman in all of baseball the past few years. After all, Mr. Utley will technically not play in the "Fall Classic" until next Wednesday.

But scan Conlin's list and you'll find Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, Pat Burrell and Jimmy Rollins.

W'ville goes to the trouble of making a statistical argument for including Utley on the list, but of course that wasn't necessary. This list was most likely the product of a Philadelphia Daily News copy desk that stopped paying attention to Mr. Conlin long ago. We should probably all go back to doing the same.

UPDATE: Wrigleyville has had some correspondence with Mr. Conlin, who contends that he left Utley off the list because he has been more "Missed October" than "Mr. October." W'ville's exploration of the statistics on that claim is worth the read.

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