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In my mind, Jeff Pearlman has supplanted John Feinstein as the publishing industry's preeminent producer of guaranteed bestseller sports books.

I suspect many would agree with me. 

Pearlman, the former SI writer who established his name with a little article about John Rocker, started his book-writing career with 2004's The Bad Guys Won!, followed it up with 2006's Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and The Making of an Anti-Hero and recently drew praise for 2008's Boys Will Be Boys: Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty.

His latest release is The Rocket That Fell To Earth, a look inside the life and times of one Roger Clemens. (You can read an excerpt here on Y! Sports.)

Pearlman interviewed nearly 500 people while writing this book and, as the book's description states, produced a tale about "a flawed and troubled man whose rage for baseball immortality took him to superhuman heights but ultimately brought him crashing to earth."

Over the course of his interview with Big League Stew, Pearlman explains that he thinks Clemens' singular passion in life —  baseball — is/was the driving force in everythng he does in this life, from burying his mother to selecting birthday gifts for others.    

Listen to Pearlman's explanation here: 

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The rest of the Stewcast is a must-listen, as we talk with Jeff about a wide variety of topics, including his attempts to talk with Roger for the book, Mike Piazza's back acne and his poor decision to invest in Hensley Meulens' rookie cards as a kid. 

Oh, and I also put on my snooty editor cap and ask Jeff why the book wasn't named The Rocket WHO Fell to Earth. Nick and I then finish off the show with a discussion about my trip to the WBC, David Price's future and adventures in autographs with ESPN's Pedro Gomez. 

Listen to the whole interview here:

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Or download it for later listening here: 

Big League Stewcast Ep. 3 — Author Jeff Pearlman (35:04, 40 MB, .mp3)

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