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I figured that working up that post on the auction of that one-of-a-kind Stephen Strasburg(notes) card would draw a few more eyeballs to the sale.

But I had no idea we'd be making the initial introduction to its eventual buyer.

Or that I'd be sitting here on a Wednesday morning, wondering how to go about claiming a commission on a card that ended up selling for $16,043 on eBay.  

Here's what Robert J. Power, a 37-year-old accountant from Michigan, told Chris Olds of Beckett Baseball when asked how he found out about the 1 of 1 card from the 2010 Bowman Chrome set: 

"I saw the article on Yahoo! about this 'crazy auction.' And it really piqued my interest. It actually made me go and look at some of my cards from way back when I was younger. So many good memories. It brought back the days of playing little league, and someone declaring 'I'm Dwight Gooden' and another kid saying 'Well, I'm Wade Boggs' or 'I'm Darryl Strawberry.' I can picture kids today yelling 'I'm Stephen Strasburg.'"

You have to hand it to Power. It's one thing for all of us to write hyped-up blog posts or Tweets that won't be remembered much if Strasburg's right arm falls off this weekend.

It's quite another to back up your belief that the Washington Nationals pitcher is "the LeBron James of baseball" by dropping a chunk of change that will make you the object of ridicule if Strasburg flames out, Mark Prior(notes)-style.

I can only hope that the wife Power mentions in the interview — Michele's her name — is a pretty cool lady because I'd hate for that post to result in the first divorce caused by BLS.

(The first split that we know of, at least.)  

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