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Comprised of the most knowledgeable followers from all 30 teams, the baseball blogosphere is an ever-expanding place that exponentially increases the fun of following baseball.

But that size can also be as frightening as a server crash. With hundreds of sources available via RSS or Twitter feeds, it can be difficult to know where to start or which blogger to follow.

With that in mind, the BLS Blogbook aims to map the online information terrain by providing a separate web directory for each team. The product below is a result of submitted entries by team-specific bloggers and compiled information from the Big League Stew staff.

Please subscribe, follow and bookmark to your heart's content. (Also, if you're a blogger who would like to be listed, please visit this post for further instructions.)

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BravesBuzz RSS
Established: March 2005
Twitter: @bravesbuzzer
Specialty: Daily Previews & Recaps/Player Analysis/SABR
Post We're Proud of: Analysis of Jason Heyward
Who We Are: "BravesBuzz takes an in-depth look at the Atlanta Braves and the rest of MLB with news, daily previews/recaps for the Braves and all of MLB, player analysis, and commentary, using a blend of SABR and experience."

* * *

Capitol Avenue Club RSS
Established: April 2009
: @CapitolAvenue
Specialty: Nearly everything the Atlanta Braves' front office deals with, including economics, sabermetrics, minor leagues, common sense, and bad tastes.
Post We're Proud of
: Analysis Blog — Schrödinger's Pitchers
Who We Are
: "Capitol Avenue Club is a website dedicated to offering insights and opinions about baseball in general with a specific focus on the Atlanta Braves. It is intended to be a gathering-place for anyone who enjoys any form of baseball discussion. Though much of the material focuses on statistical analysis, you'll hear about hot stove talks, minor leagues, the draft, and nearly everything a front office deals with. There's bound to be something you'll appreciate here. The name, Capitol Avenue Club, is a tribute to the ballclub that used to play home games at 521 Capitol Avenue in Atlanta, GA."

* * *

Chop-n-Change RSS
Twitter: @alexremington
Specialty: Saber-friendly but lay-accessible analysis and interviews with smart baseball people
Post We're Proud of:
Interview with Keith Law
Who We Are:
"Edited by Big League Stew's Alex Remington and one of the newest members of the Bloguin network, Chop-n-Change was founded by a group of Braves bloggers who wanted a joint platform to argue about their favorite team. We're the proudest parents in the blogosphere as we look forward to watching Jason Heyward join Fred Lynn and Ichiro(notes) as a rookie MVP. 2010, baby!"

* * *

Rowland's Office RSS
Established: August 2005
Twitter: @ATLmalcontent
Specialty: Opinion and occasional insight into the Atlanta Braves, nostalgia, sharp parodies
Posts We're Proud of: J.D. Drew's Diary, A transition is complete
Who we are: "Rowland's Office is the brainchild of two lifelong Braves fans and professional writers. We are homers, but not naive. Here you'll read everything from a breakdown of the Javy Vazquez deal to a compilation of the all-time worst Braves team, position-by-position. We remember Pat Rockett, unfortunately."

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Talking Chop RSS
Established: 2005
Twitter: @gondeee
Specialty: Regular updates and analysis on every Braves story.
Post We're Proud Of:
Really I'm just proud of this picture.
Who We Are: "Talking Chop is the Braves' contribution to SB Nation. As the biggest and most trafficked Braves blog, TC tries to cover every single story in a timely fashion while also providing instant analysis. TC is also a community of Braves fans where individuals can post their own blogs called FanPosts and contribute to the discussion in a number of ways."

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Mainstream media

Mark Bowman, @mlbbowman Blog
David O'Brien
, Atlanta Journal-Constitution @ajcbraves Blog

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Other outlets

Braves Journal, Sabernomics, Tomahawk Take

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Do you have a blog for the Braves or another MLB team and wish to be listed in the BLS Blogbook? It's not too late, just follow these instructions for future inclusion.

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