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It doesn't get much better than this. Left-handed reliever Eddie Guardado has just been traded from Texas to Minnesota for a hamburger — minor-league pitcher Mark Hamburger, that is.

Six immediate reactions to this news:

1. Cheese, you've got to be kidding me!

2. Did the Rangers get fries with that?

3. Mmm, Guardado.

4. Some Twinkies, a Hamburger, let's do lunch!

5. The Twins will gladly take Guardado to close on Tuesday for a Hamburger today

6. Prince and CC want to know why the Brewers couldn't have pulled this trade off.

The Happy Meal Deal also brings to mind other players who are named after food.

After the jump, find a brief list that does not include Garrett Atkins (despite being a whole DIET) or Roy Face (because we're not about to promote Hannibal Lecter's four squares).

• Darryl Strawberry

•  Marlon Byrd

•  Mike Lamb

•  Callix Crabbe

•  Coco Crisp

•  Jim Rice

•  Chet Lemon and Bob Lemon

•  Catfish Hunter

•  Baby Ruth

•  Chili Davis

•  Cookie Rojas

•  Felix Pie and Pie Traynor

•  Bob Veale

•  Rollie (Chicken) Fingers

•  Pee Wee Reese's Pieces

•  Rabbit Maranville

•  Zack Wheat

Who'd I miss?

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