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You're likely going to see this commercial about 2,000 times between now and the end of October, but thanks to the fine PR folks at TBS, let it be said you saw it on BLS first. 

I'm not sure if "We Weren't Born To Follow" is as initially catchy as "I Love This Town" the past two years but I'm sure it won't be long until it's burned into our minds and we're mindlessly singing at work, at home, at the gym, at church and in our sleep.

No major complaints about the accompanying highlights, though I'd like the next edit to replace the wistful shots of Alfonso Soriano(notes) and Milton Bradley(notes) with clips of teams or players that are more deserving — let's say Tim Lincecum(notes), Pablo Sandoval(notes), Matt Holliday(notes) or anyone on the Rockies. I know having the Rockies in the postseason aren't exactly a ratings dream, but what's it going to take for the co-wild card leaders to get a little love?

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Big League Stew

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