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Personally, I believe that Chase Utley's not safe for work proclamation during Friday's celebration was a line for the ages.

For the entire Halloween weekend, no matter where I went in Chicago, I tried to insert Utley's oratorical skills into my everyday statements. Not only was it great fun, it also provided effective exclamation to help get my point across. A day-by-day sampling: 


Trick or treat.

Trick or (redacted) treat! 


Dunkin' Donuts. 

Dunkin' (redacted) Donuts!


Rex Grossman. 

Rex (redacted) Grossman!

See? Utley's brilliant statement (followed by repunctuated statement) not only delightfully tickled the proudly profane fanbase in Philadelphia, it was also a profoundly innovative moment in the history of the English language — and from a second baseman who usually flaunts a penchant for cliches, no less.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to have the same viewpoint. While many fans reveled in the impromptu show of emotion — thousands of fans no doubt uttered the same phrase before Utley had the chance to broadcast in such a large forum — there were many fans who still stuck to the "bad example" route. (Read some of the comments here.) The FCC may also not be so lenient toward the stations that didn't hit the dump button fast enough.

I can sort of see where those people are coming from. After all, I imagine the sisters in Philly's parochial schools are setting a record for ruler rappings this morning. ("The Immaculate Conception ...") The proverbial "children" are also likely destined to be seeing these t-shirts at every Philadelphia sporting event until they hit puberty and beyond. 

But there's also that whole "your kids have already heard that word before, probably out of your own mouth" argument that makes for such an interesting debate.

Considering that, I'll open the debate floor (and BLS polls) here for you Stewies: Was Chase (redacted) Utley wrong for making most of our days with such a memorable statement?  

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