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In the wake of Mariano Rivera(notes) earning his 500th save on Sunday night, an interesting debate has been born in the blogosphere.

Mariano Rivera or Derek Jeter(notes)?

There's no doubt that both were the two biggest titans not named Joe Torre during the championship years and it's hard to imagine the Yankees winning without either future Hall of Famer wearing pinstripes.

But for argument's sake, if you were Bob Watson back in 1996 and someone came to you with the future numbers of both Jeter and Rivera and said you could only keep one, which one would you be tabbing as your franchise player for the next 15-20 years?

My kneejerk reaction, of course, was to say "Derek Jeter, duh" and I'm assuming that it's probably the same for many of you. He plays every day, has rarely seen a season that ended with a sub-.300 average and has become the face of the franchise.

Rivera, though, is getting support from a lot of corners. Ed Valentine from Pinstripe Alley says he'd take Mo over The Captain. Radio maven Sweeny Murti says Rivera's impact on the Yankees is only surpassed by Babe Ruth's. When I think about how difficult it is to build a bullpen year after year, the consistency of Rivera suddenly becomes a huge selling point. 

However, I'm eager to see what the loyal Stewies think, so cast your vote and make your argument in the comments below. Two favorite 'Stripes, one roster spot. Who gets it? 

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