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Leave it to our own Jeff Passan to break through and directly address the elephant of an issue we've been tiptoeing around all offseason.

This year's "opening day" won't be anything like what we've normally known on the traditional Mondays in the past.  There are six opening-day games on Thursday and another nine opening-day games on Friday.

Gone is the "opening-day eve" game, a delicious nationally televised appetizer of a contest that usually featured the defending World Series champs and seemed like it was on its way to becoming a baseball tradition. In its place is a total of five night games, which pretty much kills the notion of an "opening day" for those teams.

Yeah, this is going to take some getting used to.

Writes Jeff:

Baseball's opening day arrives in a week, and it should do so with all the vigor of the NCAA basketball tournament's first round. Wall-to-wall baseball, not a minute to breathe, excitement for the next six months encapsulated in one stacked day. Might as well import Gus Johnson for the afternoon. Anything to remind people: This is an American holiday and ought be celebrated as one.

Instead of fireworks this year, Major League Baseball is offering pull-string poppers.

Now it should be noted — and Jeff does just that — that there are some positives associated with this plan. For one, the early start means that this year's World Series will be over before Halloween, so you won't have to be doling out Snickers bars between key pitches. For another, the opening days on Friday means fans in those cities are now able to overdose on beer and  baseball with only more games — and not a Tuesday of work — to wake up for on Saturday and Sunday.

But that one-day buffet of baseball? It's been split up into two smaller meals this season.

How do we feel about that?

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